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RE: The Gambling World’s Crypto-Revolution

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I also heard that many people believe in the benefit of gambling & crypto alliance. And I noticed that many trusted experts and bloggers support this idea too. Katie Isaacson belongs to the number of these enthusiasts. She has an article devoted to Blockchain gambling on her blog, which also raises the question of Blockchain benefits for gambling business, and observes other aspects like legality, anonymity etc. As for me, her articles and reviews are worthy of reading and can be used as a tutorial material.


Agree with Bitma. I also like to read the materials from experts. I tend to trust and rely on their experience, as they are more or less able to provide us with clear explanations and to give some tips.

Before buying a cryptocurrency, you need to read the opinion of large crypto news publishers about the price of bitcoin because the cryptocurrency volatility in 2019 was low and there are no pre-conditions for buying or selling.