ZCASH ZEC - Tides Turning, Reversal Incoming?

in bitcoin •  2 years ago

Zcash just started the beginning steps of a reversal.

The Gambit Trading Indicator just printed a confirmed reversal (CR) on the daily chart. One more day is required for a valid CR.

The price action for Zcash is somewhat unique. A massive buy spree triggers a sharp rise in price. The price peaks and falls steadily and retraces to the lower Fibonacci levels, as in the case now.

The question is will it repeat? Will the daily CR print out and give confidence in the reversal?

If so, we are in for a large price increase, at least testing old highs.

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thx will check it out.:)
to many coins.
only so many hours in a day.
cant check them all.


No, kidding. Have to look at lots and pick what you feel is right.
Good Luck.


did you check out litecoin.im new don't know how to post yet.to busy.
if you think its worth it do a post.i think it may rocket in next few weeks.
shame for others on steemit to miss it:)
should get you a few upvotes mate.