Bitcoin Makes an INCREDIBLE Daily Candle!

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

This is an amazing daily candle on Bitcoin.

The price action is because of the good news surrounding Bitcoin BIP 91 and segwit2x.

The Gambit (GAM) Trading indicator printed a daily confirmed reversal.

Check out the activation on segwit2x and BIP 91. I think we'll get segwit soon! Hooray.

Can we break a new all time high tonight or tomorrow?

Be sure to post your thoughts below.


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4,000 USD by Monday if BIP 91 lock lasts all weekend. Remember that when you buy Altcoins they are bought with bitcoin and they are priced in bitcoin. Means all goes up in value in the blockchain arena. It is almost like the "DowJones" of Blockchain. If transaction speed goes up bitcoin will see that 6,000USD mark for Christmas


You mean altcoins will increase priced in USD when BTC moves upward?

Yea, I don't see any reason why 4K+ is not in the deck. Pretty exciting time ahead.

Panic Buy, now its down...


Yea, can't wait for the $1000 daily candles!


We only gonna see in this kind of situations when people really dont know what to do

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Goldman Sachs says: The Bitcoin goes over 4000$ Rating.!😉



Bit Informant says: Bitcoin will go way higher than $4000 at some point!