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Hey Steemians!

I don't understand why I don't see more talk of this online, but I think December 2017 is going to be one hell of a month for Bitcoin.

The thing that we all need to understand and remember is that cryptocurrencies in general are still in the very beginning, something to keep in consideration is the fact that the BTC market cap is currently only at $132,54B, now compare that to AAPL(Apple)'s $873.60B and it should become obvious that there is still a ton of growth space. Especially considering that Bitcoin is usable by a much larger range of people compared to Apple products.

The main owners of Bitcoin are currently enthusiasts, investors and speculators - normies or muggles still stay away from it because they don't understand it. Well that is until a show targeted to normies starts talking about it. This is where the exciting news comes in...

The Big Bang Theory, TV's number 1 sitcom with 23.4 million viewers is airing an episode on November 30 (Season 11, Episode 9) called The Bitcoin Entanglement. The plot suggests the guys find a laptop which has some Bitcoin on it. The computer belongs to Penny's old boyfriend Zack.

The fact that the laptop belongs to Zack (the actor who plays a "dumb jock") should make some viewers understand that if Zack can do it, they can too.

My guess is that Zack will finally find out that the tip he received all those years ago, or the $30 he spent is now worth millions. Penny will have no idea what Bitcoin is but act like she does, eventually Sheldon will explain it to her using words like Cryptography and Decentralised and she'll eventually get an explanation from Leonard which explains it in a way that she (and as a result the majority of the audience) can understand it too.

This is what I believe will be huge, remember that these story tellers made millions of people understand Schrödinger's cat, a paradoxical thought experiment devised by Erwin Schrödinger. This is something most of those viewers never heard of, or never would have known of if it wasn't for The Big Bang Theory. Keep in mind that not only the viewers are affected by this, these same viewers talk about it at work, or at school and the information spreads.

Not only does the show air for United States citizens, China also lifted it's ban which means it's watched by the world's 1st and 2nd largest economies.

It's very possible that the FUD online regarding this Bitcoin Cash drama is another way to push down the BTC prices for whales to buy in at lower prices before December, remember the CME futures are mid-December aswell!

Thanks for reading, I would love to hear your comments below.
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I love you guys! Peace!

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This is amazing! I think it’s going to dip a little before, but then it’s going to come back up after the show! Great time to invest


Thanks for the comment :D I do hope so, would love to buy just a little bit more.

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