Scam Alert: Mind Capital the "first" Crytpto-fiat program that doesn't accept fiat!?

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Can I say definitively that this Mind Capital is a scam? No, however there are more red flags here than a bull fighting event. The most hilarious red flag to me is a two part. For one they are not the first crypto-fiat program. In fact they are probably like the 10000th. second, they don't even accept fiat. What?

For a company that has made promises and claim they are the most "transparent". However they recently pulled a fast one on their users. They claim that people could purchase on their platform with a credit card. When they revealed their revolutionary fiat purchasing options. you discovered that they do NOT accept fiat and they simply refer you to external sites where you can buy BTC with your credit card, then use that BTC to purchase on their platform.

They offered no explanation as to why they did not deliver on their very first promise. If there is a delay in accepting credit cards that is understandable but at this time to my knowledge they have offered zero explanation to their members and are trying to pass this off as if they actually do accept fiat payment. It's ridiculous.

That's not transparency. Do they really think their members are that stupid to accept this? They promised a Crypto fiat program.That is lying to the members and in my opinion fraudulent. This is the literal opposite of transparent You can't call yourself a Crypto-fiat program and not accept fiat. WTF is wrong with these people? But what do you expect from a company where the face of the company is a known multi million dollar scammer.

I am not a member in this program. I am simply posting this in case you were thinking of joining know that they are lying to you on multiple levels.

That's it for my rant.

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