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A decentralized cloudsystem, as a federated mesh a-like network of cloudboxes, that is capable to provide multiwallets and all kinds of financial services under one single place, that is governed by the user. He can add more services from an appstore, or he can use a wizard, to add new services as an app. A version-control, an app-skeleton-builder as well as a deverloper space, are fostering additional functions.

The system on delivery should provide following features:

  • a choice of HTML5 wallets
  • Hybrid chain for cross coin operations
  • shopping mall connected to our payment gateway
  • Payment and SEPA via HTML5 selfhosted environment
  • SIA Storage
  • Ethereum crossconected Blockchain technology
  • Social media sharing
  • Likes via blockchain
  • own onlineshop via cloudinterface

An average user would have to make plenty of reseach and have to be able to find, understand, install add to configure countless pieces of software, to use all these funktions. This would be a process and learningcurve, he would spend a year or more on, to do it.

A device, he could simply add to his router, that provides a vpn enabled simple and customizable intranet
a-like environment, with all his finance tasks in one easy to use and encrypted place, ist what missing in our industrie. Technology is a condition, not a business. Accessability for everyone is business.

The development works is steps (milestones)

  • create cloud (done)
  • appstore (done)
  • HTML5 API (done)
  • Javascript API (done)
  • Python API (done - but needs adjustments)
  • federation protocol (done)
  • first blockchain storage function: (done, SIA technology, needs adjustments)
  • cloud device prototype (current task, responsible member: Olaf / eta less than 2 weeks)
  • paymentgateway (current task, responsible member: me and Flo / eta ~10 weeks)
  • cloudwallet and elektumx server module: (freshest task, responsible member:me and Jan / eta we are just finding out)
  • Connection to fiat (next task)
  • Multiadministration backend (next task)
  • hybrid network (current task, responsible team: Internet-of-Coins / in collaboration)

Value for Europecoin
Europecoin is equiped with a special blend of a 10MB Blocksize, Soft-Cold-Storage and special sidechain enabled RPC console, including the newest innovations, like check-time-verify (see „lightening-network“) and DK3 retargeting. I is able to blend into anny service and will, as one of the default currencys, play a central role in this environment, as the most connected coin.

Matthias Klees




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