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This post is about a common user with low resources but who sees a big adoption coming * in the coming months and something needs to be done *

Captura de Pantalla 2020-07-25 a la(s) 02.12.43.png

The day of aller as I do it weekly I was moving my coins in that they all had no problems in the chain but * huala * BCH with what I quickly got into the chain and the block had more than 1 hour stuck finally I had to go to sleep and wait the next day for it to take off.

We can not add more things SLP- external guidelines if the main thing in which there is a clean fluid chain does not work well, the rest are added but we need the chain to work intelligently and neatly, with the future there will be improvements and a code much simpler in that the capacity is less influential in its functionality,

I write this message because as a user I am having serious problems on the one hand I am allowed to send money to very low fess but on the other the chain does not work very well

Thank you.

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