Tips From A Guy Involved With Bitcoin/Crypto For The Last 4 Years

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Hello. My name is Karl and I've been involved with bitcoin and cryptocurrency for the past 4 years. I've watched the coin values closely and I feel I have a good idea (or guess) at what the crypto world will look like in the near future. 

Everyone wants to know how to "get rich" with cryptocurrency and I'm about to share with you a great method to make anyone rich within the next few years. 

Tip #1:  You must collect and "HODL" (hold your coins) for the future because in the future all major coin values will be much higher. 

I made a big mistake over the last 4 years and it made me miss out on +$1,000,000 profits but I know better now. 

The mistake I made was that I used and cashed out all the coins I earned as I earned them over the past 4 years. My main focus was to earn more USD in my bank account. 4 years ago I would spend 0.10 btc just to pay for 3 months of web hosting...but now I know to pay for things with my current USD (from my job) and continue to build up my crypto earnings because if I continue to only hoard my crypto, eventually it will make me rich. 

Only cash out your crypto if it will make you rich...if you wait for it, it will happen!

Tip #2: Collect many "bags" of altcoins and HODL!

With bitcoin's value already up so high, a major jump in the value will still only give you a return of 10x or so but when compared to some altcoin current values can still see a value jump of 100x or even 10000x the current value within the next 4 - 6 years. I highly recommend that you check daily to keep up with the values of most coins and tokens. I also like to watch the recently added coins at to find the latest coins to jump into and get a "bag" for the future. 

WARNING: Do not buy into every coin because about 90% of them are useless and will not be successful in the future. Make sure to fully research every coin before you make any investments. 

Things to look for when looking at a new coin:

  1. what use does the coin or token have.
  2. how active are the developer(s).
  3. how big is the community.
  4. how clear is the roadmap for the coin.
  5. how fair was/is the coin being distributed. 

Once you find a good altcoin to invest into, you just need to follow the below steps to instantly and safely purchase any altcoin using a credit/debit card...

Step 1: Find the altcoin you want to purchase (on ) and go to the "Markets" tab to see the exchanges that offer that coin/token. 

Step 2: Join the exchange that offers the coin/token you want to purchase and get the Bitcoin (BTC) deposit address. (save it for the next step)

Step 3: Go to and select "pay with USD" and select "You get BTC". Then make sure to enter the bitcoin deposit address (from step 2) into the "Recipient address" when making your bitcoin purchase so it will be sent to the exchange after you make the purchase. 

Step 4: Now you just need to wait for the deposit to confirm on the exchange so you can use the bitcoin to purchase the altcoin of your choice. 

Step 5: Make Sure To Cash Out Your Coins To A Safe Wallet! And make sure to backup your wallet.dat file and the private key(s) for all of your wallets addresses. 

NEVER keep your coins on an exchange or website for long term holding because you may come to find the website is gone in the future along with your coins.  It would be smart to put your coins onto a paper wallet and just keep that paper in the safest place you know and you can also keep the wallet.dat file on a flash drive but always keep a paper version of your key(s) just in case the flash drive doesn't work in the future.  

Now just keep getting "bags" of altcoins, backup the wallet and keys, then just forget that you have them for at least a year or more. Only check on the values once in awhile and remember!...

Only Cash Out If It Makes You Rich!

p.s. This was my first steem post and I know it has a lot of info and it's a little sloppy but I promise to take more time to format my future posts. I have tons of great info to share and only wish to help others to have a brighter future while avoiding the junk and scams. 

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Welcome to Steemit. Great first post. Just resteemed it. I'll add it to tonight's Daily Dood too.

Sweet! Thank you so much. ✌

I'll do my best to keep pumping out some good content. 😉

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Welcome to Steemit! Great tips! Sure this will help new investors! Looking forward to your next posts!


Thanks for the warm welcome. I followed back 😉

I do agree with HODLing, but I have to point out that actual use and spending is what will drive adoption, and adoption is what will drive prices higher. Therefore there must be people willing to spend coins in day to day use cases in order for long term value to occur.

Welcome aboard! I'm new here too but have already pumped up my SP I like it here so much! Hope to hear more from you soon! Peace.

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