The Residual Bitcoin Miner Ryan Conley joins Steemit!

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Hello! My name is Ryan Conley and I am a full time advocate of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. I live by the saying, "My children will not grow up in a fiat system, therefore yours won't neither." Every day I help more and more people get into the Bitcoin space.

I remember two years ago hearing Andreas Antonopoulos saying that "Bitcoin is a little island of growth, and jobs, and opportunity, and inovation." Of course when you first heard about Bitcoin, you may have easily been sucked down the rabbit hole and found it difficult to get your mind off of it. When I saw this, I knew it was the only place for me to direct my efforts to for years to come.

Before finding Bitcoin, I did real estate for 10 years where I had a lot of success. After watching the housing crash and watching friends lose the homes that I sold them, I lost faith in the banking cartel. I could no longer emotionally feel good about what I was doing. With 80 active homes listed, 8 full times agents working for me, and the waterfront office, I decided it was no longer my calling.

This brings me to where I am today. I am a work from home father of two beautiful daughters, Isla (8) and Ava (3). I believe we have a moral obligation at this point in history for us to take a stand and help end this corrupt fiat system . The technologies are evolving so quickly at the moment, more opportunity each day is presented to help make this a grass roots movement.

My current projects involve mining Bitcoin and Ethereum at BitClub Network. We are excited to be launching the strongest BTC arbitrage trading platform this coming week. In the next month, we are also releasing the world's first Bitcoin smart payment system that allows anyone to sign up any business to accept Bitcoin and our ClubCoin.

My other major project into the world's first encryptoed social media network that pays the free user in Bitcoin, FutureNet which recently passed 1M users! I also share a passion with the CEO of Arcade City, Christopher David to help decentralize ride sharing with Bitcoin. I am contantly looking at other BTC projects that enter this space, but at the end of the day we only have so much time available each day, so I remain focused on these current projects.

I am glad to be part of Steemit as I beleive incentivized social media and blogging are the future. I look forward to connecting with others in the crypto space here that are looking for ways to make money in the Bitcoin space and help us make it the world's mainstream currency. Feel free to reach out to me as I love meeting new friends!


Ryan Conley
Skype: ryan.conley206

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100% upvote for your post my friend... keep ojn posting

Hey Ryan. Great to see you on Steemit. A guy like you that writes with passion and from the heart will make a huge impact.

Up voted Ryan, following as well :) - Melvin


Good to see ya posting here bro!

Hey Ryan, Kris here. Please follow me. Glad to see ya on Steemit. Be sure to check out for some useful Steemit tools.


can you help me about steem it

loved this post, i love crises of conscience, life is gooood...i love the honesty about how it hurt you to watch others be hurt by the crumbling harvesting cystem

Before you upvote or follow, punch "Ryan Conley bitcoin scam" into your favorite search engine and see what people have to say.

@bitcoinryan Glad to see you on here buddy! Remember me? We used to always have a ton of talks on FB back in 2015 :D

Nice connecting you here Bro...
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