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Bitcoin Ninjas Affiliate Program: ONLINE

Refer friends to www.BitcoinNinjas.org using your affiliate link and receive 10% commission on ALL purchases made by those who visit our website with your link.

Bitcoin Ninjas Affiliate Signup & Login Page:


Anyone can become a Bitcoin Ninjas Affiliate.

No purchases, fees, or previous memberships required.

Your personalized referral link is automatically generated when you sign up. Simply share your link with others and earn 10% of every purchase they make.

When people visit our website with your link, your affiliate account earns ‘hits’. Your ‘hits’ are converted to sales when those people make purchases from our Ninja Shop, and you will be paid directly in Bitcoin (BTC).

You will earn 10% commission on every purchase made by people who visit our website using your link, for up to 30 days from the time of referral.

You may post your affiliate referral link on social media, websites, forums, chat rooms, and more, but please be respectful. Spam is not allowed.

Custom link-shortening services such as bitly.com or tinyurl.com are permitted.

10% Unlimited Flat Rate Affiliate Earnings

Affiliates earn 10% commission from all Ninja Shop purchases.
No minimum purchase amount is required.
Every sale earns commission.

Bitcoin Ninjas Affiliate Program Membership Terms

  • Anyone can become a Bitcoin Ninjas affiliate. There are no requirements to sign up.
  • You may not refer yourself or attempt to dishonestly generate affiliate earnings.
  • Purchases must be made within 30 days from the time a person was first referred.
  • All earnings are paid in Bitcoin (BTC) or another mutually agreed upon cryptocurrency.
  • Each affiliate will be contacted individually to agree upon a personalized payment address which will be used to -automatically deposit your earnings as you generate commission.
  • If you exchange your affiliate earnings for other currencies, you are responsible for the appropriate fees, taxes, and regulations, pending your local state and national laws.
  • Bitcoin Ninjas reserves the right to change any terms, rates, or requirements at any time.
  • Misuse of our affiliate program will result in an immediate ban and forfeiture of earnings.
  • Spamming, adbots, etc. are not permitted. Please be respectful, kind, and professional.

Be sure to join our Telegram Groups if you have not already:

Bitcoin Ninjas Official Chat
Ninja Signals Official Chat
BTCNinjas Gunbot Team



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