ANNOUNCING: BTCNinjas 'Ninja Signals' Buy & Sell Alerts & Backtesting Script - For TradingView

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'Ninja Signals'

Buy & Sell Alerts & Backtesting Script - For TradingView


Our Specialized Trading Script is available nowhere else.

The script is a highly customized and specialized script which works as a custom indicator for ALL of the different charts on

Our script works for any Crypto or Forex chart on and requires only a TradingView Account to use!

It will alert you exactly when it is time to buy or sell, on whichever coin and time interval of your choosing.

Ninja Signals can also send the signals directly to Gunbot, which will use the alerts to make trades instantaneously and automatically every time a signal occurs. The setup process is a breeze and takes only a few minutes. You do not need Gunbot to make use of this script, however, Gunbot can trade automatically upon receiving each signal.

Access to the script must be granted to your TradingView username. The script can then be added as an indicator on any chart on TradingView. Make sure to include your TradingView username on checkout. If you do not have an account, signup is free.

For those who are wondering, Gunbot is automated trading software which lets you trade cryptocurrency automatically, in your sleep, while you are at work, etc. Feel free to stop by our telegram and ask us questions if you are interested, many of us already use the bot. You may also learn about the bot at our website or the Gunbot wiki.

We offer the best prices and amazing customer service on all Gunbot related products, upgrades and add-ons. is a verified Official Gunbot Partner & Reseller,

Our script takes the worry and emotion out of trading, making it simple and easy. Recommended for experts and newbies alike, the script is very easy to set up. We include instructions, and personally help each user get setup properly. The beauty of the script is that it will work for any coin.

Main Script - Backtesting Strategy

Check out the Script on our shop for more information via our website (and screenshots which are also included below):



In the above picture, you can see the placement of buys and sells on the VERGE, 1 minute chart using our script.






In the above pictures, you can see the properties, backtesting settings and results of using our script. You will see that our script takes all of the guesswork out of trading and makes it a breeze.

For those who are interested, you may purchase the script here. Be sure to include your TradingView username in the form during checkout.


Ƀ 0.05

Note: Our script will only ever be sold on our website.

Price is subject to change at any time.

For those of you who want to learn more about this script, auto-trading with the Gunbot, or just want to hang out and become one of the Bitcoin Ninjas, feel free to stop by our facebook or telegram.

We are always looking for new fresh faces to help us bring knowledge to others, and the projects of the Bitcoin Ninjas into fruition. We focus on making the world a better place. We are a group dedicated to personal growth and positive change, feel free to join us if you feel so inclined.

Keep an eye out for more add-ons or projects from us!


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