This man sells his cattle for Bitcoin in Zimbabwe! A Blockchain Summer School Harare interview

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Zimbabwe does not have a lot of Bitcoin activity but there is more here than in Mozambique. I sit down with Allister Banks to discuss his business and how it uses Bitcoin. He is a huge fan and wants to incorporate it more into his business and community. Bitcoin has a bright future in Zimbabwe because of people like this. Below is the contact information for Remote Livestock Marketing System:

Blockchain Summer School:

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Hi Adam
I see Africa is really treating you well :)
Please check this guys interesting for the future we have discussed, currencies backed by blockchain and simple as we need in Africa
We must go to Luanda :)
Ask your friends to take to the restaurant in "Catembe"
"Tata" means Goodbye in Maputo :)

Thanks C! Glad to see you out on Steemit. You never know when I might make it to Angola. I now know a guy who can probably get me in there.

Hi @Bitcoinmeister
Interesting concept, did you find more interesting uses for Bitcoin in your travels in Africa?

So far that is the most creative use. I have some more interviews to post soon. Thanks.

See my post about paying dowry using bitcoin in Africa

That is awesome! Upvoted and resteemed!!!!

Thanks a lot! I have more on the way. Tomorrow is only day #2 of the event.

Your welcome! Awesome! Full steem ahead!!!!

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