Dash talk with Amanda Johnson! 6-12-2017

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Dash fans rejoice! Amanda Johnson has returned to the show to update us on Dash and to talk about cryptocurrency related issues. It is always a fun time when Amanda makes an appearance here. Will Dash be "the next Ethereum"? Is Dash the king of crypto-marketing? What does Amanda have to say about the Bitcoin situation? Will Dash end up on Coinbase? We talk a lot about in-house crypto-marketing.

DASH- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAzD2v9Yx4a4iS2_-unODkA/videos
Amanda B. Johnson- https://twitter.com/AmandaB_Johnson
Dash Reddit- https://www.reddit.com/r/dashpay/
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Adam on Crush the street
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I sold my remaining DASH masternode recently to buy more STEEM. Masternodes are a huge waste of money. Also they are unfair as they require 1000 coin to start up. I rather have SP as it generates me much more income and you can deposit any amount to get started. It is much more fair. I rather keep my wealth in coins such as BTC/STEEM.


This is a very wise and intelligent decision to sell Dash masternodes....1000 is totally unfair...the same worth of steempower may give huge profits in long run... Good Luck and Steem ON!


This is a great tip @thejohalfiles. Im mining Dash among other things but Im trading my Dash for Steem. In addition, the ETH rise has me nervous and I traded some of those for Steem also to power up. Im really enjoying Steemit and I'm fascinated with the model that allows users to theoretically mine via post and curation. I like mining but this new paradigm is a game changer. Thanks again.


What is the meaning of DASH? does it have to do with a function or role of use?


Not sure what the exact question is brother but - I think you are asking what DASH use case is? - there is none at the moment. It has some features such as privacy as well as fast transactions however they are not good enough. Graphene based blockchains (STEEM,BTS) are much more efficient and faster.


With speed, as in transactions are instantly confirmed.


Dash is short for Digital Cash


@thejohalfiles this is good advice for a smaller investor like myself, i just invested $1250 in a master node for wagerr. Now you have me thinking .


I sold off my 7 masternodes long ago. You made the right move. I totally agree that steem is far fairer.

Plus, I've personally spoken to Evan Duffield, on the phone, when I was on the Dash Core team. I know exactly what he's trying to accomplish with Dash Evolution and STEEM already does all of it:

  • Instant Transactions (~3 secs)
  • Web wallet
  • Username for sending funds (not long address)

I LOVE Amanda B. Johnson! <3

Thanks for posting Being a female myself, I have to say I find it refreshing to see Amanda talking and not only talking, Knowing her stuff. She is awesome and you @ bitcoinmeister are great for interviewing her and many others, great job. I really learned a lot about DASH from this. Keep up the great work.

"Crypto is hard, and it's going to stay hard for a while." - Seek immediate medical help if it lasts more than 4 hours.



Oh yeah. Missed this one. Checking it out, love the Amanda B.
Just glad you are here.
Interesting comment about buying and selling steem in your "next" vid, the one i just watched. I see your point. No prob. But SBD, yes no reason to invest. STEEM, buddy, do you even know that Zappl is coming... Community tokens on Steem are coming....
Love the analogy of Dash to the Vegas Raiders. They keep moving and doing what's best for the franchise. All good.
Happy to talk more. Keep rocking on Baltimore.

wow who is this Amanda johnson, hello! lol Cryptos are blowing past barriers and exceeding expert expectations. It really is speeding up so quickly, its simply amazing! Im following you :)


She has been around the space for a while.

as we all knew Bitcoin is really high in price these days so was planing to invest in some other cryptocurrency and this video show me a new way and also a new cryptocurrency as i was not aware of dash before that... Thank you @bitcoinmeister for sharing it...


haters be like, Adam =Trump and Amanda B= Putin/Russia

This was so awesome!!!! I loved it!
Both of your ideas were amazing and very thought-provoking.


Thanks! Spread the word.

I don't know regarding this Hi-tech crypto wallet related issue. What i interested is about the Tshirst. I should go for it.


Buy crypto T-shirts!


tshirst is that like a thirst for tshirts? if so i love it.

Great interview guys! Go BTC go DASH!