Make a bid for a prime location on Decentraland VR world! 6 LANDs adjacent to each other and 2 streets near Fashion Street District. Auction ends Sunday Feb 11 at 7 pm EST

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Current highest bid: 109k Mana by u/wildc4rd11 (reddit post)

After the seccess of the second auction where one LAND was sold for 15,000 MANA , I'm now starting Auction#3, which is the first bulk sale!

I'm selling one prime location containing 6 LANDs near Fashion Street District, and is adjacent to 2 street.

  • LANDs credentials: (-131,-59|-130,-59|-129-59|-131,-60|-130,-60|-129-60)

  • LANDs map:


  • Owner Ether address: 0xccd5089557ae6a2ba063e8720e725a6bf743b3e8

Auction and Sale conditions:

  • Bidding starts at 90,000 MANA (15,000 MANA/LAND)

  • Bidding is by commenting in this post

  • The auction is extended by 8 hours if the highest bid took place during the last 8 hours of the auction

  • Raising the bid must be atleast 10% of the previous bid

  • The winner has the option to pay 100% of the price to the seller before receiving the land to the same address, or through an escrow service with the buyer pay 100% of the fees plus 5% of the price as inconvenience fee to the seller.

Referral Bonus: If you are not interested in making a bid, you still can earn MANA!

I'll reward 5% of the sale to whoever refer this post to the final bid winner. that's a minimam of 4,500 MANA!

Unofficial Decentraland FAQ Full version here


Hey! I just heard about this project. What is Decentraland?

The team has put together a web page talking all about it:

Basically, it's the first stages of Snowcrash. Or even Oasis from Ready Player One.

Nice! So, it's a game?

Not really.

It's a virtual world. Inside of it, whoever owns land can build games for you to play on their property. It's similar to how you can have Disneyland right next to a pet store but also next to a paintball arena.

That sounds awesome! When can I play?

It's still in the very early stages.

They have had a few prototype versions that have been playable, but as the project has progressed, they've been making changes. So far, it's been very early prototypes. However, they're putting together a team of industry veterans to take their proof-of-concept and shape it into a shipping product.

Oh. Wait, you said people can own land? How do I buy LAND?

The land auction ended Wednesday, January 3, 2018 where about 40,000 Lands were sold. the only way now is to buy lands from a current owner. The decentraland map is not expected to extend for 1 or 2 more years. If you want to buy a land from a current owner, then You are in the write place, make a bid and take them all!

Where do I buy Mana?

Here is a list of a bunch of Decentraland Markets where you can buy MANA:

Good luck to all bidders, and Referral Bonus participants!

Chat with me @Bitcoinipie

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This sounds like a pretty cool idea! I have joined the mailing list.. Thx for sharing!

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