[ICO] Nucleus DNA, Daily Bitcoin Dividend and Monthly Profit-Sharing Token

in bitcoin •  9 months ago

Dividend + Profit sharing + Token appreciation

Nucleus DNA (NDNA) is a Bitcoin dividend and profit-sharing program designed specifically for those seeking a low risk investment opportunity. It presents a once in a lifetime investment opportunity of getting daily dividend and monthly profit-sharing payouts in Bitcoin from a well established advertising model.



10% Bitcoin Dividend

Paid out daily in bitcoin at 10% yearly.

1,000,000 Max Supply

Tokens purchased and burnt quarterly to decrease the supply.

20% Profit Sharing Payout

Monthly payouts of DNA’s profits in Bitcoin.

Nucleus DNA - Daily Bitcoin Dividend & Profit-Sharing Program

Bounty - we are offering a referral program of 5% of what is purchased by those referred by you paid in Nucleus DNA tokens.

Telegram: https://t.me/NucleusCoin

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this is very good deal and will definitely take a look at their presale. Good team and project @bitcoingrowthbot

Sounds nice! Definitely need to take a look at that!


The same here- very good project.

I have looked into doing this with other coins. I ave transitioned from the stock marked to crypto currency. I love getting dividends because in the stock market fast trading didnt work for me but duvidend stocks did.
Im in on this one. Thanks.

Its the centre of the universe

Interesante programa de inversión de monedas. Buena propuestas beneficiosas.

hello @bitcoingrowthbot I wont really say much , cus am really new to the crypto world and the block chain , but I know what you did here will be a very good guide in helping me understand . this is amazing , I love the nice statistical expression here


@egbo feel free to reach out if your looking for solid guides on learning more about blockchain/crypto. Always happy to help out a fellow steemer.


Thanks man for reaching back @titancryptomgmt I really appreciate the kindness .

Sounds great! Upvoted, @bitcoingrowthbot!

The first two comment love a self vote. How confident you are entering this kind of investment.


The whole intent of the automated bot that powers NDNA was to be a hands-off service for all of us (other than supporting the ICO).

Analogy: it’s like having an amazon store where we just set it up and automate the order taking and drop shipping, etc. We use the initial capital raised to set everything in motion and it just works. We use the capital to position ourselves way higher in the queue than the other competitors to grab a massive chunk of business that’s happening whether we get it or not

It’s very much an automated business and model. There’s nothing that any of us can do to “sell it and grow it” other than make the initial presale and ICO super successful

You have a good blog, I followed you. I hope that you follow me, let's develop Steemit together and develop even…

Is there any fixed amount of percentage they would give those shareholders?


20% of profits monthly!

help me . i want to earn bitcoin

nice articles :)

Great project

The possibility NDNA could grow is wider than people assume. A big announcement or two and it could easily be a top 100 coin in a month or two.

The current #100 coin as I write this is "Ubiq," one of many competitors trying to be the next Ethereum in a crowded space, even though Ethereum is dominant and has more developers working on it than all others combined. Do you think the focus, practical application, and real world usage of CryptGen should make DNA worth more than Ubiq (or whatever the next #100 coin is)? I think that is the underlying question to its value prop.