Yesterday I Published About A Rally and Today...

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Today we have seen some major gains in cryptocurrency including Steem. Steem now holding at roughly $0.41 per coin and litecoin shooting up to $52.31 of up 15%. This has driven just about every other currency up in price as well including Ethereum up 7.5% as of writing this.

So what is sparking this?

It seems like there are still a few players in the game which are the core coins. Those being Bitcoin, Ethereum and litecoin. When these move is seems to drive everything to new levels.

This time the rise was from litecoin where bulls filtered in because of increased privacy on the network.

But that is not all LTC (litecoin) has been making major strives lately including high developer activity, UFC and KPOP partnerships and more have been in the works. These are clear actions of what would make something popular and then start being adopted into every day life. These should continue to trend and litecoin ramps up efforts of security and adoption around the world.


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I love to see Litecoin leading the rally as it continues to be a great community that has the decentralization aspect close to their main goals for all to enjoy! Hope this could be what we have been waiting for even if it is a slow grind higher!

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French turn lol

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