Bitcoin Vs Bitcoin Cash Side By Side

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Well it only seems fair to bring this up and do a true side by side comparison. But overall this rally is simply fueled by massive greed that could leave you broke by the end of next week!

Bitcoin cash is getting a major pump on news of a possible hard fork on November 13th 2017 which will in effect simply update the DAA Difficulty Adjustment Algorithms. Why? Because they are broken lol Simply put there are huge flaws with bitcoin cash and it is very susceptible to being hacked still. Also this hard fork is considered a smooth hard fork which mean there will not be two coins it just gets updated and everyone moves to the updated block chain. There is no new grand feature that makes Bitcoin cash any better then it was 101 days ago. (Yeah you can tell already i'm sided with bitcoin and consider this rally a huge blow to people that don't understand what is going on)


Current Supply - 16,674,225 BTC
Total Supply - 21,000,000 BTC
Mining Difficulty - 1,364,422,081,125
Hash Rate - 10.471 Ehash/s
Market Cap - $109 Billion
Transactions per hour 11,780


Current Supply - 16,765,842 BCH
Total Supply - 21,000,000 BCH
Mining Difficulty - 127,536,923,676
Hash Rate - 1.629 Ehash/s
Market Cap - $17 Billion
Transactions per hour 1,771


  • BCH is nearly 100,000 coins ahead of bitcoin now which is why this emergency hard fork is taking place to correct the hugh inflation happening by the miners who stop let the difficulty drop and then mine in a burst when its low again.

  • Expect a massive sell off after November 13th hard fork.

  • With the adjustment in mining power and decline in price after the 13th expect a good amount of mining power to drop off.

  • Most likely no split of coins will actually take place 95% of the mining power is already dedicated to the new chain and a few weeks will be given to update systems so no split takes place. (biggest confusion among people)

  • Bitcoin cash has a 6 billion market cap that was created from thin air because of the hard fork.

  • Bitcoin cash simply has a larger block size which is yet to be needed nor does it solve any issue that bitcoin would run into in 2018 making it a non solution. Instead of 3-6 transactions per second bitcoin cash can handle about 6-10 transaction per second a far cry from say Ethereum 20 transactions per second or Paypal 193 transactions per day or Visa the best comparison at 1,667 transactions per second.


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BCH vs BTC its just like crazy... Although I know for sure BTC will raise up to the MOON by the end of the year. Approx $8K at LEAST !

Bitcoin Cash wont be able to survive for long . There are many altcoins which are much better than that for example vertcoin .


Everyone was saying Bitcoin Cash would go to 0, yet here we are at $1000, just saying.


I'm honestly not the biggest fan of either BTC or BCH. I feel like the price action of both is illogical especially BCH. At least you can make a good argument that BTC has the brand, the ATM's, the fiat exchanges, the track record etc.

BCH is just another alt coin, with crappy old technology compared to more modern competitors. It makes no sense for it to be worth even remotely close to what it is right now.

That said I usually make the wrong moves when it comes to buy/sell/hold so don't listen to me lol. I have no BCH but obviously would be better off right now if I did.


bitcoin cash has a 6 billion market cap coshin from the hard fork that means its real market cap is about 9 billion at the moment a very very far cry from bitcoin. BCH offers nothing in terms of a better system then bitcoin in fact its not months ahead of bitcoin in mining capacity once the correction is made the miners will leave as there will be no profits again leaving BCH very susceptible to attacks. Also remember the block chain that's supports by ATMs and systems around the world is BTC not BCH. Its far to much to risk to go to BCH this is just an influx to the possible hard fork coming on the 13th come the 14th we will really see where things stand. I have a strong feeling its still all in BTC


One other major note I just thought of, How do you buy Bitcoin cash? well with bitcoin! I don't know of any markets yet that offer $ to BCH yet


I still believe it will not be major alt coin in future .

Thank you for this straight info...been searching to find such data....not one to panic...just wondered from a technical point what BCH really offered if anything...

Even though there is no new feature, its time Bitcoin cash was hard forked. This will be a big boost considering its security flaws will be patched

Another great post from you - resteemed!

You have made it obviously that many people are going to fail on BCH. Just a difficulty adjustment... nothing interesting there. I guess I'll stick with ETH and STEEM!