Are Cryptos Poised For Massive Growth - History Shows The Answer

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One of my favorite subjects in school was history. There is so much that can be learned from looking at history to predict possible effects in the future or even prevent mistakes.

Today we go over why cryptocurrencies could be right now poised for a massive break out!

Snapshots are from thank you!

Jan 2016 - December 2016


Notice the dip at the start of the year and the continued growth soon after hitting around Feb. March time frame

Jan - March 2017

(had to reduce this one down to 3 months as the increase at the end of the was massive!


As you can see yet another massive dip at the start of the year.

Go back to any year and you will start to see this trend.

We felt that again this year hitting 20k down to 9k and now starting to recover as we hit 11.5k at the moment.

If these history charts are any type of of a prediction then we very well could be in for one of the largest rallies here in February - August.

Current years chart


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I love crypto to death, but the Tether situation is a Damocles sword hanging over the while ecosystem. I don't think we'll see big breakouts until that complication is out of the way. Even CNBC is now writing articles on Tether and Bitfinex.


Don't even get me started on tether lol


Agreed, this is pretty serious seeing as a lot of people use it to hide from the last few shocks.

History will look back at these days as the beginning of a new era in prosperity and technological advances due to cryptocurrency and blockchain.


The overall market cap seems to be up, but a lot of my investments are down. It would really be nice to see dash recover and GBX - which is a fork of dash, recover as well. Here is to a great February


Ah yes I love Dash and seems so undervalued again


Like a lot of things. Thanks for the reply. :)

I reckon crypto will continue going up this year. Doesn't seem to be anything bad happening the world economy that could create fear in the market or make investor pull their money out. Interesting read thanks :)

There could be a huge rally. A lot of that probably depends on the Lightning Network as Bitcoin still struggles to make a compelling argument to be a legitimate payment method. Fees need to come down, speed needs to go up. Until these things happen, jumps are just speculation.


oh man when lightning rolls out and is stable there wont be anything to complain about in terms of bitcoin transactions. Would love to see that happen soon!


Oh, don't say that. I'm sure I'll find something to complain about. I want you to know that. I will do whatever it takes to find something I don't like about it. ;)

Yeah, I think network improvement would be great for the whole crypto space.

I am hoping that you are right! But the bigger it gets, the more it becomes a threat to traditional currencies and governments So not sure how government interference will affect this ride!

like it! it seem bitcoin fly and fly ! i think it move more and more !
also steem price will be high too! what your opinion!

Just makes me even more excited for the future. The sky is the limit...not even, past the moon is the limit!

Is great post on bitcoin and crypto is very informative.

vote stemm bos... ingat lah boa...

Now Market woukd be go up @bitcoinflood

I really hope it'll keep on recovering!

thanks for nice blog about history......
this is very good post dear
i appricate your post
carry on

Thanks for your post. So happy to see that it will be growing again as don’t need it to go any lower that what it has

When will bitcoin rise?


It has been slowly rising the past few days. May hit a bump in the road again. It will then move up and out of the 11-15 k range in a matter of days.