NOKIA stocks will Moon in few years SHOCKING news !!!

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

Hey guys, I know I this is a crypto currency page, but I also like to share with you some stock information. I just bought 45 shares of #NOKIA #NOK. in my opinion ( i always state my opinion because i want you guys to do your research before investing in any stock or altcoin I throw at you) Nokia is a great purchase, long time investment and safe investment. Nokia once dominated mobile telephony, not anymore unfortunately as we all know. Nokia bought out “Siemens, Alcatel, and Lucent “ few years ago and now controls most of the technology for the 5G network, as well as older patents all 3 companies held. The shares of the company was at $4 yesterday, now, it’s at over $5, that’s very important because many of you might not know that most big firms and brokers will not touch a stock trading at under $5 per share. The company’s market cap is now around 32 billion dollars. Most telephone companies are using the 4g network as we speak and still absorbing the fees that came with the upgrade from the 3g network. But when they do go to 5G they will only have two options, Nokia or a Chinese company called #Huawei and we all know the obvious choice all the US companies are going to make (NOKIA). As of now nokia yields 3% per share you hold, it means you get around $0.15 in dividends every quarter per share you hold, its not much but still better then nothing. We are looking for a rise in price more then dividends. In my opinion nokia’s price will stay steady for the next years or 2 until the 5G talk comes up around telephony companies. Went time comes (and it will come) we will see the rise in Nokia price per share. Also if You did not know, Nokia manufactures medical equipment and supply. So in my opinion, i definitely think Nokia is a good investment, safe investment and long-term hold, what are your thoughts? #bitcoin #ethereum #litecoin #bitcoincash #cardano #ripple #stellar #neo #monero #dash #nem #iota #tron #eos #icon #crypto #cryptocurrency #binance #poloniex #bittrex #hitbtc #cryptopia #huobi #kucoin #bitconnect #bitshares #steem


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