WHAT are You.. Going to Do About This Bitcoin Dip?? Daily Crypto News w/ Eugene Forrest

in bitcoin •  8 months ago

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thanks for useful informations and video

Good insight as to who is affected by this recent correction. Even at $7k the price is down about 2/3rds of its peak; which is still not as bad as the 2015 correction which fell about 4/5ths. At that point my decision was to double down. That choice is still showing a 7x mark up even at present bids. So its not over until the wieght challanged lady sings. 😎

Useful information for me and everyone

Well done. Yes, like you I'm a long term buy and hold kinda guy. Sure bitcoin is in a major crash but our crash is nothing like the crashes in the alts and the sh** coins. Some of those guys are sitting at 20% of the value they had last month, or less.