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I’m a Former Green Beret and Here’s How I Would Bring Down Bitcoin

in bitcoin •  3 years ago

You aren't going to take down bitcoin with an attack on its social network anymore than you are going to take down al queda the same way. If the latter could be done by Green Berets, navy SEALS, or even a crack squad of potato peelers, it would have been done by now.

Everyone thinks they can kill bitcoin, and there are droves of sockpuppets who have been paid to try for years. You wouldn't be the first to think you have the magic preparation to do it and you will be long dead of old age before we see the last.

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Being a Green Beret isn't much of a qualification in this field.


Unconventional warfare is the same, regardless of application or situation. It's more of a qualification than most, less than some. Think what you will.

I don't personally think bitcoin can be 'killed' ... and if you read closely, I noted this. The title was a suggestion from the editors...

But ANYTHING can be disrupted, distracted, and divided. I don't think I need to point to any evidence for that to be obvious. This slows what would otherwise be a stronger adoption and it creates cracks and fissures which can be exploited even further.

This has nothing to do with fighting in the conventional warfare sense (since you mention al Qaeda, SEALs, or Green Berets). This is unconventional warfare where psychology takes psychology has a centerpiece.

Not "everyone" thinks they can kill bitcoin. I certainly don't. But I do know its possible to divide and weaken.

Very good