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I want to remind everyone that THEKEY exists

I know that alts aren't popular right now, I know that the market has been particularly hard on them during 2018, believe me I know!

Sadly this has scared most investors away from alts. Sad, because this is prime buying time! Never in your life will you again see such wonderful investments going so cheap!

The tricky part is picking the right ones - those that will survive and make money.


THEKEY to Crypto

THEKEY is project based on the NEO platform.

What are you still doing here? I just told you everything you need to know! Go buy it already!

Seriously though, THEKEY is based on NEO and that is a good sign. With greater financial barriers to entry than Ethereum, NEO attracts a generally high standard of DApp. I have yet to see a bad NEO based token. I wish that I could say the same about Ethereum!

I missed THEKEY (TKY) back in its ICO phase and was very upset that I did so. However, once it listed I soon grabbed a little TKY bag and have held onto it ever since, I have no intention of letting it go any time soon!

THEKEY is a Chinese project headed by Catherine Li. The All-China Women’s Federation named her " The Most Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur in China" in 2017 and one of the "Top Ten Most Influential Chinese Women of the Year". For those of you familiar with the crypto Civic (CVC), THEKEY is a similar idea (the two also have similar market cap). Do not confuse it with SelfKey (KEY) who quickly appeared after THEKEY was announced and managed to launch their token first; in a move which I am certain was designed to capitalise on hype generated by THEKEY (this was back in a time when people got excited about ICOs!).

What THEKEY does is to verify your identity. You give THEKEY things like your date of birth, passport scans etc and then third parties go to THEKEY, not to you, to verify your identity. This makes life much easier for you - you'll never have to complete another KYC procedure when dealing with THEKEY partner companies! That's just one example, THEKEY could verify your ID wherever you would normally need to do so yourself.

I mention THEKEY today because people are only focussing on the big names and forgetting about the alts making great strides in the background. Has BTC made any great strides lately? No, it has not. But THEKEY has made many this year! And which one have you been putting your money into?...

This post was prompted by me reading this article: THEKEY HAS WON THE INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIVE BIDDING (Written by Catherine Li herself). This competition is significant because it was run by the People’s Bank of China (PBC) and Nanjing Municipal Government. Those who follow crypto, in particular the "China FUD" (mainly of 2017), will know that the People's bank of China is the central bank of China and is a major player in government policy - including crypto policy. If the PBC is giving awards to a crypto, then I sit up and take note!

I have mentioned on several occasions that Da Hongfei himself has advised (at their own request) the Chinese government on crypto matters and has designed NEO to be Chinese regulation compliant. At the moment China is still rather anti-crypto, but you don't become a massive world economy with enormous market growth by ignoring major changes such as crypto - you embrace them. Chinese President Xi Jinping clamped down on crypto in the runup to the party conference of 2017 (basically equivalent to Western "elections") so as not to upset the old guard, but those restrictions can be lifted at any time. Fortunately he is a rather intelligent president (a rare thing?) and is forwards looking. He was also described by Forbes as "the most powerful and influential person in the world" for 2018.

To a futurist such as myself this adds up to a very bright future for THEKEY indeed. China desperately needs good systems to track and verify its 1.4 billion inhabitants (almost 20% of the people on Earth), there is massive potential for THEKEY in China! Perhaps this is a good time to mention that THEKEY holds 23 patents, 15 of which have been accepted by the State Intellectual Property office of the China. Perhaps I should tell you that THEKEY is being used for pension payments and healthcare reimbursement in three Chinese trial cities, and is in the process of being rolled out to another 41 cities - totalling 130 million inhabitants.

I remind you that a platform gains publicity and support form the DApps that run on it. So success for THEKEY is also success for NEO - still firmly my crypto platform of choice. Being positioned in China and created to work in harmony with regulations, NEO and THEKEY are in the ideal position to benefit from government crypto adoption. If any crypto projects are going to benefit from the Chinese government, then it will be these. Once they take off in China there is no reason that they can't take off elsewhere too - location not really being a factor when dealing with distributed blockchains. In fact, there is nothing stopping them taking off elsewhere before they take off in China.

Let me cut myself off before I ramble on and lose the message. Remember: there are great alts out there at prices that are unrealistically low. THEKEY is one of the best of these. I strongly suggest that you grab some of it if you don't already have it.

Yours in crypto

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Another reason to love NEO as well!

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