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It's a brand new year, and what better way to start a year off than with a big slice of pie? Humble pie.

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Beckmann's Bakery ; used under
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Smarter than Bit Brain

"If you can beat me - and that's a big "if"! - I will publish a post of those who are "Smarter than Bit Brain" "


Technically I could get out of this: I wasn't beaten, I was soundly thrashed!

But as much as I enjoy revelling in my own narcissistic glory whenever I can, I have to offset that by admitting when I am at fault. Otherwise I would be a hypocrite, or a politician or something equally despicable, and we can't have that now can we?

Back in the post "Investing in Crypto is too close to gambling!" I made a prediction of an end-of-2018 price for Bitcoin. That post was written half a year ago, when things were very different to what they are now. I was just a little too optimistic with my prediction - well, not "optimistic" per se - I'm a realist, I don't do optimism. Perhaps a more fitting term would be "inaccurate".

Er... HIGHLY innaccurate!

"My entry is: $ 25 050.00"


I then invited others to make their own predictions... ... and promised that I would type this post if they beat me. They did.

So congratulations to:

The fact that I beat one other person is not much consolation! Especially since I gave his $27000 submission good odds of winning! 😆

There's one more thing: I also promised that I would award the title of "Crypto Brain of 2018" to the person who comes closest to getting the price right.


Without a doubt, the title of CRYPTO BRAIN OF 2018 belongs to:


Congratulations! You make Bit Brain look more like Bit Foot In Mouth!

Hmmm. I wonder when I should start my end of 2019 price prediction competition? Anyone keen?


Yours in 2019 crypto

Bit Brain

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Did you put your pie picture up to try to make people fail their New Year's resolutions on the first day? ~drool~


😂 You should have seen some of the awesome photos I found, it was insane! The bakery that took that picture has lots of others, their cherry pie looked fantastic, but wasn't quite as photogenic (if a pie can be photogenic).