Iranians have bought $ 2.5 billion in virtual currency

in bitcoin •  9 months ago

The chairman of the parliament's economic commission announced the purchase of more than $ 2.5 billion worth of virtual currency by Iranians, saying that this amount has been withdrawn from the country due to the lack of legalization of the money and lack of suitable bedding for these types of currencies. "Mohammad Reza Pour-e-Brahimi" emphasized that, given the new phenomena of the world today, the creation of a virtual national currency seems to be a necessity.

Pour-e-Eshhimi believes that the virtual national currency is made by experts in the country and its rules are governed by the regulator:

"The use of foreign digital currencies, due to lack of transparency and lack of credible backing, can create a serious risk to the country for the banking system; in fact, in order to overcome this problem, it should take the path of developing the digital national currency."

According to the MP, Iran's digital dividend can facilitate the expansion of economic relations between the country and the ability to create a platform for multilateral monetary treaties between Iran and countries that are not interested in trade with Iran. He also stressed the importance of counterfeiting digital currencies:

"One of the benefits of a digital currency is the lack of communication with the US financial regulator, which has led to sanctions being circumvented."

Pour Ebrahimi based on statistics. Despite the fact that a very small portion of our nation's population is the customer of virtual currencies and this new market, to date, more than $ 2.5 billion has been withdrawn from the country to buy digital currency, and most digital money activists In the field of speculation and big profits, they enter this field.

Blacchein's expert Arash Mosalah said in a conversation with Digitow that the key figure could be more and close to $ 4 billion, as many of the official registration transactions did not occur, and retail transactions in virtual currencies after a massive surge of hands will find:

The central bank issued an order to ban it from leaving Bitcoin, and this will certainly not be the case, because the organization knows best that the future digital currency is the economy.

Now, according to the Communications Minister, a national digital exchange project is being prepared and a pilot test is being prepared, it is best for the central bank to smooth the path to a strong national currency with the arrival of this issue. "

According to the expert, there is no sign of a backdrop against the digital currency, because the future of the world is based on the technology of the Bloc of China, and so it should be pursued to achieve. He believes that it can be damaging in this matter:

"Russia and China have gone to bitcoin battle with their national currencies and have prevented it from becoming powerful. Whether Bitcoin has problems from some perspectives in the country should not undermine the whole nature of digital currencies. Opposition to these types of currencies is only due to Bitcoin, as opposed to the Internet due to some sites.

The blockchain technology that has grown bitcoin on its bed is not bad in itself, and it includes the future of many business issues. "

According to banking and economic experts and even the Minister of Communications, the Central Bank, as the country's currency legislator, is better off issuing licenses for the creation of a national digital currency and taking advantage of it.

The new technology vice president of the organization has long said that the central bank's policy on banning currencies will not always be sustained, and that the organization's new vision and policy on digital currencies will be announced mid-year.

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That's actually surprising, as I heard from Iranian friends that buying and trading crypto is extremely difficult there. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for your attention ;)

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