EOS. Should You Invest Now?

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I believe the EOS project will go very far in the future and it is one of my long term investments. EOS will give Ethereum a run for its money in the not so far future. It is a platform that is going to revolutionize decentralized apps by providing them with a operating system where to be created. The best analogy I can think of is to compare it to what Microsoft's Windows did for the software industry and I think we all know how well that went! It is still at a great price to get specially if you're in for the long term.

Let me know your thoughts on EOS and if you're invested in it, or if you think something completely different than my view. Thanks for reading!

Please watch the video from The Node Investor. He did a great TA on BTC and EOS.


@billybarraza - interesting... I also like EOS @eosio ... But, I am wondering with 1B to be available, what is the "moon" ?

Could this really be an ETH killer ? Or is more of a dream ?

Was ETH a dream at some point in time? Absolutely and look at where it is now. The technology behind EOS does not only match it but it actually outperforms it.

Thanks for the article but isnt it what any other coins out there promise?

I agree with you. That is what every other coin offers. At the same time, not every coin on the market has the same technology potential and professional team behind it. Let's take Doge coin for example. In my opinion it is a coin with no technology or a team to back it. Investing in it would make no sense from a conservative point of view. I see no future in this coin. Now, if we start talking about other coins such as Humaniq, Bitshares or Golem, those are coins which are trying to solve a real problem with a technology which will bring change to the world; kind of like EOS in my humble opinion. Thanks for reading bro.

I like EOS especially because of Dan Larimer. In my opinion it is good to buy on pullbacks in price. In fact you can add on a regular basis that you feel comfortable with and make sure it is money that you do not need to take care of your living needs.

Correct. Just like any other coin it can be used for day trading from time to time when the opportunity strikes.

I bought a few coins after I heard Jeff Berwick talking with one of the founders

Jeff Berwick is also the same guy that called BTC when it was $3 and ETH when it was $2 something. The fact that he seems excited about the project gives me a warm and fuzzy on this coin. But even if he didn't, I believe the technology and the team behind it are really solid and will be able to bring new waves of change to the blockchain.

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