Coinbase is crazy

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I went to put some more money into crypto the other day, and it instantly funded, but when I went to send it over to bittrex to get more steem and hive, it was like will transfer in 8 days. 8 days what the heck, I bought and sent in the same minute before with them. I have verified with everything they have asked for, and 8 days is such a weird number. Then they send me a thing to refer a friend ya right, 8 days my butt
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You bought some crypto with USD right?

If so it'll be credited to your account but you can't move it off the platform for 8 days. It's because the god-damned archaic banking system is that bloody slow. The bank's "blockchain" or ledger takes that long to settle. It's a joke.

Coinbase wants to get paid before they let you take it off their platform. Hope that helps.

Ya, but my account was debited right away, I thought this "blockchain" tech has going to revolutionize transactions. This is crazy, I could use the mailing system to be faster.

Ya it is the dumb hold on the the money

Agreed, the legacy banking system is brontasaurus slow. But again, it's not bitcoin or blockchain that's slow. It's the archaic ancient slow AF ACH and SWIFT banking system from the 1970s.

After the 8 days, when you transfer it off Coinbase to Bittrex or wherever it goes, it'll be lightning quick.

It would be perfect. This is the right time to invest. You can get good benefits in the coming days. thanks for sharing

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