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Action Coin (“Action”) is an emerging Cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, that represents all of the points that have been earned, or may be earned, by members of the Action Coin platform. At the time of writing, we have over 300,000 customers from more than 200 countries. We also have more than 70 Brand Ambassadors worldwide.

Action may be used as the sole payment method for discount vouchers offered by our business affiliates. Action may also be combined with a credit card payment, or Bitcoin, or one of over over 20 top Altcoins (alternate Cryptocurrencies), to obtain discounts on a growing list of other products and services.

It will not be possible to trade Action until after the official token distribution event, which will commence on March 1, 2018. Our platform of choice includes a built-in exchange. We will reach out to many popular exchanges as the token distribution date approaches.

Discount Vouchers:

Our customers may use their Action Coin balance, at the rate of 1 Action Coin to 1 USD, to obtain exclusive discount vouchers from your business. These vouchers are delivered to the customer instantly, in PDF format. Each voucher contains a unique voucher ID, and the voucher must be presented to your business (along with full payment) in order to obtain your offer.

As an Action vendor, you will receive 90% of Action used to purchase your offer. Your Action Coin balance may be used to obtain exclusive discount vouchers from other businesses, as well as other advertising opportunities that will be made available on our network. In the near future, you will also be able to transfer Action Coin to your customers, family, friends and staff, if you so choose.

Gift Certificates:

It is now possible for your business to sell gift certificates through the Action Coin platform. Once full payment has been received, the gift certificate(s) will be delivered to the customer instantly, in PDF format. Each gift certificate contains a unique ID, and the gift certificate must be presented to your business in order to purchase your product or service. Your portion of each sale will be paid to you monthly (the minimum payout is $100 USD) We charge a 12% commission on all sales.

You will be able to transfer your Action to an external wallet after March 1/2018. Monthly project updates will sent to all users by email. We will also post project news (as it becomes available) to our Facebook pages, as well as our Twitter feed.

Residents of British Columbia, Canada (or users that are planning to visit) can already use their Action balance to obtain discount vouchers which may be redeemed at various businesses via

Action Shop:

Users will also be able to obtain discounts on official Action apparel (and other cool merchandise) after the official token distribution event.

Earn HUGE Action bonuses on all purchases made between now and February 1/2018. We ship worldwide.


@bigcripin144, you would not believe how many people have already told me about Action Coin, this is one of the most common ICOs among marketers. I registered there quite a time ago from my Skype friend link (I love free bounty coins and tokens) but your info in this post was the very first I really read. So thanks to you I know what Action Coins are all about and I send my cheers to the project.

I send my cheers to you too and see you around :-)

I have a total of 7000 ACTN and have already transferred 500 ACTN to my blockchain wallet

How did you do that?

I already transferred all my 264,000 ATCN to my wallet.

Very helpful Jonaz..