200$ worth btc giveaway to steemit users

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bHello,I am very happy today coz i made over 10,000$ in crypto trading through Neo coin and ico coin I bought ICO at 25 cents now its at 1$ So, to help the steem community members I am giving away 100$ worth btc to two random people so thats 200$ worth btcSteps to win  the giveaway-1- follow me 2- resteem this post3- upvote this post 4- comment here - thanksI will select two random winners from the listThanks follow me to get tradings tips to earn from crypto trading


Awesome, generous idea for how to spend your gains. I want to suggest that you put some of your gains back into crypto, specifically into OmiseGo OMG, Pillar PLR, and Dentcoin Dent. I'm sure you've already heard of OMG, but it should be good mid/long term gain even at its current price. Pillar is lesser known but emerging. It will be the single wallet/OS for all of your electronics in the future. Check it out at Pillar. And finally Dentcoin has just finished it's ICO recently. Dent's goal is to disrupt cell phone provider's monopoly on data and roaming services to provide the cheapest and most direct cellular access. Here's two great videos: one and two.

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Welcome to steemit family have done what you said wow this would be awesome to win. @bhaskarsinha please follow and upvote my post @rogerblu

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You in luck mate..

congrats mate ... i should learn trading from you ... you catch a big fish there :)
way to go

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Thank you for the giveaway! Well done on the neo trading!! I am guessing youre eagerly awaiting your buy back in price to do it all again ;) NEO to 100 this time?

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Trading in no matter what way, has always been a forefront for great lucrative opportunities for many people, sure it takes a learning curve but once it pops and when you see that rise and the profits collect, there's no better feeling is there? :)

Absolutely right

Wow, that's a lot. I've been trading for some time now, but I haven't yet reached the same amount as you have. Congrats! By the way, I'm done with all the steps. Followed, resteemed, upvoted, and shared. Thanks for this opportunity!

You will reach just follow the crypto news about a coin research as much about the coin you are investing.
I will give here free crypto trading signals for all of you .

Nice. Thanks!

Wow that is impressive!
Huge gains.
Did all steps, shared to 1000 subscribers :)

I bhave just joined and can do with a push in the right direction.

I'm new to steemit (joined today) and still learning how this works. I've Upvoted, Followed, Commented... now how to I resteemit? LOL

Thank you for the giveaway. I have followed, upvoted and resteemed.

Wow! That is great luck for you to make some profits. I am glad for you! I am here to congratulate you and to enter. Resteemed too.

I have joined your giveaway and followed all the steps. thx.

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All done congratulations🍻

Quite an impressive day hope you have many more like this or better I followed resteemed and upvoted

Nice! Thanks for the giveaway, and congrats on your good investment!

Congratulations on the trading success. :)

Waiting to win some money!!!

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Steem up the good Work!


Question budd when is your d day for the competition???

Thanks for this, you rock!

Good luck 2 everyone.