STEEMIT under pressure ! Hold?

in bitcoin •  last year

Hello STEEM Followers,

STEEM completely under pressure right now. Here's my thoughts. The previous cycle (low to low) was 18 days. For this cycle, the high was 8 days, so this is not looking good for a strong right translated cycle, but still possible. Price can definitely form as a left translated cycle, meaning, it may go lower than the previous low at (2.7).

If trading, exiting STEEEM below the 10 MA was the right call. I did not post that opinion since I am holding for the long term and I currently have my STEEM Power locked up.

Lots of uncertainty in my mind. If the BITCOIN bubble bursts, 2018 will be a slow grind to much lower prices. This IS VERY possible. Let's hope it bounces from the 50 MA.

Good investing.


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shit, cycle went left translated. It may test the previous cycle low (the green arrow).