How will the WAR of the WHALES END?

in bitcoin •  last year

I do market commentary predictions on my blog, but this post is different. From what I have seen on STEEM in the last week, there's a war going on..

Some Whales feel that other Whales are making too much from their posts. They do this by upvoting each other which are generating hundreds of dollars in profits for a single post almost immediately. You need to have some serious STEEM POWER to do this.

The question is, are the posts worth it? Personally, in some cases, I believe they are not, but honestly, not sure how to properly assess value since they do have a community supporting them. Its not right to take away votes from their supporters.

Some Whales are absolutely smashing them and knocking down their profits by 90% overnight by using down voting techniques.

I don't know the answer to this WAR, but my prediction is this. After the Whales successfully kill these specific individuals, some will turn on each other!

Note: Today I got flagged since I posted on one of their posts. I wasn't even in agreement , that's why I Posted!!!!

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