TOP 3 BEST & MOST RELIABLE “Cloud Mining” Services

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As promised,

Here is an up to date list of my TOP 3 picks of the absolute BEST and MOST TRUSTED services for what is known as Crypto-Currency “Cloud Mining”.

This is a service which gets a bad repuation due to the many companies which have come and gone with very few standing the test of time.

But, I believe there are a few companies out there trying to do good for people. While not everyone can buy and run physical mining equipment, more people have access to cloud mining services which is why they remain popular today and presumably always will.

Keep in mind, the ever-increasing price of Bitcoin has proven that mining has been very profitable to those who have faith and hold true, with cloud mining being no different.

Many fortunes have been made (and lost) due to cloud mining. Please invest wisely!

#1. Genesis-Mining

Genesis has been a proven leader in the cloud mining space for a long time now. When the world was searching for a legitimate cloud-mining option, in came Genesis. They are the largest cloud mining operation in existence and have millions of customers! They have always proven to be consistent with payouts and very few users, if any, have ever had a problem. They recently had an issue where they report being hacked, and losing some money, but all customers were paid within a few days of the incident. They have not missed a single payment since.

Maintaining the highest track record of any Cloud-Mining operation, they will always be at the top of our list. They allow you to mine multiple different coins and you can re-allocate your mining power at the click of a button. Payouts are generated daily and pay out to your external wallet when they reach a pre-deteremined amount (different for each coin). They offer consistent payouts and trusted support. If you are looking to get into Cloud-Mining, look no further than Genesis. Click here to start mining with Genesis.

#2 Hashing24

Hashing24 is a great Cloud-Mining service if all you are looking to do is Bitcoin Mining.

You can buy mining power for as little as around $20 and you may even pay with Bitcoins if you want. They have been around since 2012 and have reliable, consistent payouts. They also allow you to begin mining within 5 minutes and offer the best prices in Bitcoin Cloud Mining. With Hashing24, you have no time limit on your contracts and you may work with them as long as you want.

Check out this Mining Calculator to calculate your potential earnings with Hashing24: Here

Hashing24 has reliable and consistent payouts and a long-standing good reputation within the community. They have proven reliable thus far! Try out the calculator and see what your potential earnings may be! Click here to start mining now.

#3. Mining Rig Rentals

Mining Rig Rentals is not a typical Cloud Mining service, but it is one nonetheless. On this platform, you may pay other users to “rent” their mining equipment for a specifically allotted amount of time. You would then use that person’s equipment to mine on whatever pool you wish! This is a more reliable form of Cloud Mining since you are in direct control of the outcome. You decide which coin, you decide which pool. You may also rent your own miners out to other people, if you have them. This can be very profitable as people will often pay more than market value for mining hash power on some of the lesser-known algorithms.
Mining Rig Rentals is a very important service in the Crypto-Community because it allows people who do not have the hardware to mine to literally mine whatever coin they want, on whatever pool they want. This is a very empowering service which MRR brings to the table. I would highly recommend Mining Rig Rentals to anyone and have been nothing but satisfied with their top notch support, payment system and miner tracking system. A+. Click here to check out Mining Rig Rentals.

At this time, these are the only services which we can recommend. Be very careful investing, never invest what you aren’t prepared to lose!

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Genesis Mining is something I have not tried.

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