GameXCoin - The Universal Game Currency In Blockchain

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Do you need a Platform that will distribution your Airdrop(s) token?
Do you need a Blockchain technology based ICO tokens distribution platform?
Do you need a platform for Profits distribution of a pyramidal organization?
How about a platform for Programmed payments of cryptocurrencies of a company or startup?
What if a platform for Micro payments?
What of an Innovative platform for Distribution of rewards and bonuses?
How about a platform for Sending of gifts and consignments, among many other uses?
If you seek any of above on Blockchain technology based platform, then you need the GameXCoin platform.

GameXCoin (GXC) could be an all-inclusive cash for recreations designed on blockchain innovations. Likewise, GXC stage fills in as a cash trade between recreations while conjointly as an amusement advancing the platform.

The advancement of the GameXCoin, the stage is one in the entirety of our most intense comes. The production of the stage started in 2018. From the begin and till the release our stage, a few mechanical issues were contemplated and unraveled, that empowered America to incredible our framework and make the ideal thought of future crypto trades.

This demonstrates the measure of affiliation exponentially expanding the utility base and trust in digital money as an imperative and medium-sized exchange store. Its development is something that is propelled with the help of tests of real worldwide use for straightforwardness and perpetual blockchain LED innovation, and its gifts and faster, shared exchanges and decreasing ownership esteem.

What is GXC

GXC might be a general cash for amusements.
Gamers will tokenize their in-amusement cash and exchange them for the other diversion's money while not control or erosion.

GXC Economy (GXC Coin)

Estimation of GXC can increment in light of the fact that the utility will increment. GXC's present supplier is controlled by modifying reward amount of square generation and bolt up requirements for makers.

Token Sale

1,000,000,000 GXC coins are going to be issued at Genesis. Of the coins generated, 100 percent are going to be sold-out during a non-public sale, the half-hour is going to be sold-out during a public sale.


2017 Q4
Proof of thought

2018 Q1
Initial Partnerships

2018 Q2
Alpha Testnet
Pilot dGames
Alpha Wallet/DEX/Block somebody

2018 Q3
Technical Whitepaper
Beta Testnet
Alpha Token Generator

2018 Q4
GXC Mainnet Launch with 1-3 Games
Beta Wallet/DEX

2019 Q1
Release GXC Wallet/DEX
Beta Mobile Wallet/DEX

2019 Q2
Game Community Service

2019 Q3
50+ Games with GXC
Launch GXC Game Platform

2019 Q4
100+ Games with GXC
Launch Payment Service


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