THE DIPPENING RETURNS! Get to Buyin That Dip! | ~99% of Coins on Sale - Crypto Market Dips Nearly $100B over 2 Days.

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We had another dumpening today!

We had a flash crash from $400B today around 11:15 down to around $377B in under an hour or so, losing $20B or so as you can see in charts today. We actually lost n~$30B total today.


See this Red???

Are you buying the Dip??????

We are all early adopters here, if you are even close to reading this today.

Wizards Buy the Dip!!

Again we see many of the top coins down: These days, with the huge gains.... both in terms of % or $$ value -- any dip is a good time to grab things you want on SALE.

That needs to be the mindset if you are either trading or accumulating.

Here are the coins from showing what I mean -- sorted by Top 100 Coins and Top Market Cap:

These charts below are from yesterday and it honestly just got worse today:

I keep stating it to remind people and also ... So many new people arriving at Steemit/Crypto daily, they are new to all this, like we all were once.

Buy Low. Sell High.

Your Friend in Liberty --- Barry


My path to Liberty and Crypto is with you guys.

We are all early adopters here, if you are even close to reading this today.

Be encouraged.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

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I've been filling my bags non-stop for the past month or so...and especially over the past day! I truly don't mind this 'dip' we are experiencing. In the world of Crypto we all have to have a little tougher skin and be ready for the roller coaster ride! I firmly believe that after you do your own research, it's not a bad idea to BUY THE DIP and HOLD HOLD HOLD....or as the crypto world would say BTFD and HODL!


Great reply.


ahahah that is a rad shirt!

Really great information nice post thanks for sharing sir...resteemed @barrydutton

i dont have the cash to buy more, but if i did, i have a few coins i would like to scoop up, like ARK

Lol the dippening...

Not buying the dip because I already bought much higher and have huge loses even after trying to average down with the remaining money I had. But averaging down doesn't work when everything crashes again after you buy. I give up. When it will take a huge rally just for you to possibly break even you know you've been scammed. Crypto is garbage.

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