GRAPHENE Blockchain Technology Running STEEMIT, BITSHARES, EOS so Efficient that Bitcoin Looking At It. Chart - Short Form Post

in bitcoin •  9 months ago

I did some digging and found the actual Stanford U. presentation from Brian Levine, at Scaling Bitcoin / 2017

Graphene outperforms everything else going by a factor of ( I believe after scanning the presentation) of roughly 10:1

-- Could not shrink this or you would not be able to read the small print, sorry.

• Graphene’s block announcements are ⅒ the size of current methods. (page 63)

" Graphene: A New Protocol for Block Propagation Using Set Reconciliation. "

Conference Link:

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.


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Good info , Thanks

This is good news

You know when the top academics are just catching up to Dan's old work, we are all in for a wild ride with EOS. What is funny is that for all the smart people who badmouthed @dan in the Ethereum and Bitcoin community, it would be really fitting to have both of them using his technology to solve their scaling problems (just like he said to those communities). Now that's poetic justice.


I've said that many times here, too!

If you look up my post about the 1st week of Crypto Kitties grinding the ETH ntwk to a halt and me saying that + Dan in the title....... you would laugh I am sure hahahaha!!!

Great reply.


That was a joke, not even that many transactions compared to what @dan projects do every day. You can see why a lot of Ethereum fanboys are mad. I say be the bigger community and not even be jerks about it. Let them hate and kill them with kindness. They will come around eventually, if Ethereum doesn't just steal it and change a few things like Charles did with DPOS & Ouroboros.

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