Crypto 101 - VIDEO: ( 14 mins) - WCN / World Crypto Network - Today in Bitcoin (2018-03-26) - Bitcoin has transferrable value and is a global currency - $30K EOY? | Market Overview, Bitcoin Q+A etc. |

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TIB with Thomas Hunt of the WCN -- always good information, always relevant.

Tone Vays is a respected Bitcoin and Crypto / Traditional Stock and Market technical trader and analyst.

He uses charts and TA (Technical analysis) to break down Bitcoin price, discuss market moving info and factors, etc.

Some Livestreams can be longer and often are but are usually in the ~90 min. range for Tone when he does them.

Essentially none of these WCN people believe in any other coin or project but Bitcoin - as in Legacy/Core/Original chain -- be aware that is their bias/focus.

At times, the audio/video quality is lagging or poor, these guys do the best they can do, I know it sucks when there are audio/video/lag issues etc.

I do not agree with everything anyone says but people that take time to put out decent content that can help others, I will support even if I do not agree with EVERYTHING someone is about.

None of us agree with everything, every day, with everyone, find things you do, and use it and help others.

Today's Video:

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Track the Mayer Multiple on WCN:

$‎8104.60 USD / BTC - Average United States Dollar Bitcoin Price

Trapped Below $9K, Bitcoin Risks Downside Break - CoinDesk

Bitcoin is Gaining Legitimacy in Europe, as Transferable Value

Crypto Kill Switch: Monero Goes to War Against Miners - CoinDesk

Edward Snowden’s Big Problem With Bitcoin Is Privacy, Not Scalability | Finance Magnates

Bitcoin will eventually be the single global currency: Twitter's Jack Dorsey

Sorry Jack, Bitcoin will not become the global currency | FT Alphaville

Bitcoin Price: Cryptocurrency Dips, but Expert Predicts $30,000 This Year | Inverse

No, Yahoo Japan Isn’t Launching a Cryptocurrency Exchange — Yet | CryptoSlate

Armin van Bitcoin on Twitter: "A detailed overview of #bitcoin projects being worked on next. - Schnorr Signatures - Bulletproof - Confidential Transactions - Sidechains - Drivechains - Mimble Wimble"

Adam Back on Twitter: "Programmable pay per API call using lightning micropayments.… "

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I have done my best, sorry if you do not understand like some are clearly having a problem with. It's a blogging platform, and I will do my best at everything, and to keep blogging.
Carry On.

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