Binance Down for 13 Plus Hours!!!

in #bitcoin5 years ago

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Binance announced that ther were doing maintenance unexpectedly for 1 hour. After an hour and a half, they published this notice stating that they will be shut down for another 12 hours to do maintenance.

A lot of people are speculating that this could be a potential hack. With the size of Binance and how many new users they have added over the last month, I hope it is just for maintenance.

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If it was a hack, the real Binance team would see all the talk and tell us. Its more likely a marketing technique, making us think that there was a huge surge of volume and its time to rush back in

I hope you're right, although I can't say it's the best marketing technique. Thousands of people will lose money from being in the middle of day trades, users will leave the platform due to lack of trust and bad customer service (no prior notice), and the price of BNB will probably plummet.

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