...but does Charlie Lee believe in it lol. We’ll see what happens once the Lightning Network is in full swing. I’d love to change BTC into LTC and then back into BTC to save huge transfer fees

Charlie Lee believes in litecoin 100x more than Justin Sun believes in Trx.. (I am holding both)

Charlie Lee, Bruce Lee, it doesn't matter, it will go up!

Love the optimism, but really hope we get some good news about industry/business partnerships.

i know kung fu! do you? you might need to protect your cryptos!

So many Lees... The price moves like Mr. Lee Noodles :)

I'd like to present my alternate count:

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 2.07.47 PM.png

Please Like My posts I liked you

There you go ha

Please like mine as well :)

Litecoin was my first investment and I am holding it since then. I am convinced that LTC is still not getting the credit it deserves!

Totally agree

I believe in a lot of coins in the long run (profit speaking) it is knowing when to pull out and rebuy that's the key. After watching many of haejin video, yes I'm beginning to see where I should sell now... Buying is the easy part, when to sell is the tougher part. Before I use to HOLD long term, now I sell high and take the profit or reinvest into Litecoin (or any other coin) at its lower base. Which usually means dip four's height (from the rise) on the correction side.

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