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Well I use all my encrypted communications, I always connect via VPN, TOR or Proxys Server. I do not have social networks, my devices do not have storage media (HDD, USB, etc.) my software is a distro (Live CD) of some free software, etc.!

You sound very safe ... Surely you do not know what comes next.

The monopoly of control as we saw in the previous chapter is not only limited to infrastructure. Your device, the one you use so much is not telling you the whole truth. If you remember the ones you remember and are old enough to do it as it all began? Remember that at the beginning there was a deluge of semiconductor manufacturers (Exxar, NEC, Zailog, Intersilk, Texas Instruments, Ciryx, (Robotron (RDA)), etc). Of course there were also Intel and AMD.

I ask you: how many of those are left today?

In your probable universe, the fact you only have Intel, AMD and ARM architecture. There are versions for specialized, industrial and military equipment but what do you have? If you know why there is so little variety? Someone would say that they merged, changed their names or owner or they just went to the bankrupt.

Yes and no.

Understand that it is easier and more feasible to control three possibilities than a larger number. Intel and AMD are US companies, ARM which is the largest IC manufacturer for mobile devices (Cortex) is from the UK (the pope, grandfather and the mother of the USA) not for pleasure they say that money moves from Wall Street to Main Street and not the other way around (the reverse flows the debt).

So what do you have?

It's simple: you have a device that incorporates an IC designed and thought for the benefit of your owner (I do not have to explain it again, right?). Ok, in the same way as Domotica It incorporates connection possibilities for almost all devices in a home. These ICs incorporate technology beyond the reach of the common user and even advanced for (improve the user experience). In the case of Intel one of them is Minix SO or MME and AMD PSP (Trusttonic TEE). As always they will tell you that it is safe and that to modify the SPI - Flash you must to have physical access to the
motherboard. And this is where the Domotica comes back in, if because KNX or long Work can modify almost everything. I'm going to show you some images of what happens when these friends of the (burglar's) are in your network (see attached document). The images and other information shown in that section are not fictitious, they are from my house and they are current. I took the work of making different measurements at block level, neighborhood and inclusive of city. All this to discard the source and origin of said (interferences). For the case of Intel, Meltdown is used and in the case of AMD, Specter is used. The above also applies to your beloved Smartphones as well as other devices. ARM for its part also has remote administration mechanisms.

Then everything comes down to you, if you. You become an objective of interest (Target) and as we mentioned the technology already exists, you are in charge of activating it. That is, according to the will of the owner of said technology you will have an experience of quasi-private use or a big brother. It would be extensive trying to mention each and every device (committed) from your modem to the server that gives your mail hosting (* .onion; * .bit; etc) whatever.

There are more things but believe me I do not want to torment you.

If you remember what time it all started, right?

Ok, you'll see how everything starts to fit. Especially when you understand what happened in the world in that date and in which everything ended at the end of the 80s and beginning of the 90s but that's what we'll talk about more ahead.
And now you still believe that you browse and work anonymously ...?

You who are very smart will say: I already know all that and a little more, so much so that I never connect with my work device to the network. I use another to exchange data, all my information is extracted and I enter Both directions in disposable single-writing media (CD, DVD), my electrical network is isolated to suppress noise and interference and sometimes I occupy media with backup power (batteries) ...

See if I am smart? (You say)

Bravo! .. you've got a 10!

That is the minimum number of years that you will be locked up as soon as you want to play seriously. If you remember that whenever any technology emerges the first use that comes to mind to the rulers is the control? Well then you know what a Faraday cage is? I guess you know what EMI is, ESD, etc? If you know it then you also understand that it is possible to read literally what you do in a computer or electronic device remotely and that only analyzing the interference produced By himself. When it all started, it was military technology, today it is available for them can have a great time with anyone they want. You will say that in addition to the above you also work in a Faraday cage and that it is certified (this part is important).

Ok, you've won partially. But how many of you have all these protective measures? If you have idea of the cost for a particular as for a company to implement all of the above and in the end of this are the human factor. That you can buy with a few dollars or with a gun pointing at the head of someone you love or to your intimate parts.

The clock say: Tic, tac, tic, tac...
Do you prefer a couple of black balls or some of friction?
Smile sister, God love you ; - )

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