The calc Machine (Forward - Reverse)

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Hello friends!

These are the two basic concepts of forward and reverse. remember that position (9) coexists with (1). Then each time that position is crossed, one more position must be added or increased.

to add or move, they must rotate counterclockwise, through the interior area. the reverse uses the outer zone and rotates or moves counterclockwise.

later I will be showing you how to calculate internally, that is useful when we want to compute several values, that is, when we have more than two factors. or when we want to correlate values.

The (9) is always (9) regardless of the operation will always give us (9). In another publication I will be explaining what it means (369369369) and its variations. as well as the connectors and the internal structure of each combination of values.

At this level there is no way to mask a value, there is why in cryptography the (0) passes directly. that is, it is obtained from two equal values. If you try to change these rules, you get inconsistent and therefore not readable values.

The rest is just fashion.


enjoy it!.

Azazel0101 (c)


Great thing to discover today wow

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