The Calc Machine.

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Hello Steemians...

check this -->
forward - reverse table 01.png

now you can calc anything ...
also pay atention to the center lines and maybe you discover great thing's.

Good luck!

You can find more at:



This is very informative

Hello friend's

tomorrow i will release all the cal tables for this (9 rules) numbers
and then you become to see the world in stereo!

enjoy all!


Waiting for your tomorrow's explanation

ok steemian

welcome board!

Hello Sir.

This is very usefull for calc or discover, i will give you the details later.
But by now is better if you can discover the way to use this calc tools.

Remenber, see the number like rules. Not like a characters.



It would be nice if you included instructions on how to work the machine, or is this a challenge to figure it out? I know that 9 is a magic number.

Hello Sir.

Please check the las post.
later i will give you more details.

Thanks for comment.


I don't yet understand anything, but I'm excited to read about the explanation. :-)

Hello to all my friend's.

please check the last post.

later i will give your more details.

Good luck!


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