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Hi #Steemians! The Bitcoin is going up as it not did in a very, very long time ...

This Cryptocurrency is rising explosively, as many experts in Cryptocurrencies had already predicted, recently a man who we have forget his name, became known for being the best forecaster, said many times that Bitcoin would go down and did and that Bitcoin would go up and also did it

We bought Bitcoin when he said we would do it because it was going, to rise and we did, although we sold because we thought it was not true in some cases it seemed that it would not, we knew that at some point it would go up but we did not think it was that the moment to invest, the most interesting fact is that the Bitcoin at that moment was around the $ 3,000 and if you see the amazing price today is $ 6,000.

Maybe if we had not sold in the time lapses that happened during the rise to $ 6,000 we would have double what we had invested, leave us in the comments if you had the opportunity and the cunning to buy when the Bitcoin was in the $ 3,000 and you had win the 100 % of your investment. Remember that we give a reward according to what is collected in all our publications to who comment and your comment is the most relevant.

We hope you enjoyed our Bitcoin report, it is an interesting story and we predict that Bitcoin will reach $ 10,000 very soon, do you think the same? leave us the answer in the comments. We See You Soon! 🤯😜🤪

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