Security Protocols for TOKEN HOLDERS.. from Reggie

in bitcoin •  last year


"I will share my security protocols.

Get a dedicated laptop preferable used or new apple or a dual boot ubuntu laptop and only use the linux side for banking,

enable hard disk encryption on the apple; ubuntu brakes sometimes, enable appropriate firewall restrictions.

Use protonmail with vpn or opera with vpn enabled, turn off wireless and use ethernet cable. If it is plugged it then it should be off most of the time.

Use trezor cold storage or keepkey, Ledger has too many manufacturing issues.

Bookmark every site that you need to use and only use those bookmarks.

Use noscript, https everywhere, and adblock plus.

Do not use sites without two factor authentication.

I also use dashlane and have only strong passwords.

Lastly, Pray regularly and make sacrifices the hacker gods."

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