Nothing2Hide Except Innocent Pics of the Doggie? Stop Right Now and Get on the WIRE app

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Look .. I don't know how all this works, but I do know there's a dang ol' good reason for it..

As for me and my innocent pet videos and pics of my fam&friends, we are taking our PRIVACY just a tad bit more serious..

Here's the link for Wire:

And I am NOT speaking about FINANCIAL privacy.. WE ALL know we should protect THAT stuff, right?

I am speaking about the recent changes that allow your PROVIDERS (Verizon, T-Mobile, FB, Twitter and Google and every other mostly FREE service) to share, use, monitor, sell, surveil and POSSIBLY, use "YOUR DATA" against you, AFTER it has been TAKEN OUT OF THE CONTEXT IT WAS INTENDED (of course).

Nobody knows all the funny ways you and your fam&friends communicate -- calling one thing another thing or making side-jokes that have nothing to do with "reality".. and

You need to GET OFF those platforms with those "PRIVATE" communications and get on one where NONE of that surveillance or MISUNDERSTANDING is going to be kept, reviewed and misinterpreted, JUST when you thought you "made-it" through this game of life when...

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SOMEONE (who doesn't know you) thinks you have a problem with TURTLES because you purchased a TURTLE SOUP tee off some random, obscure site (YEARS AGO) and FLAGS you for purchasing off "BLACKMARKET" sites and drops your credit score by 2points and now you have to pay a higher interest rate on the purchase of your newly financed... (Sorry, I got caught up in "my friends" experience there for a second)

So, here's my current recommendations:

#1 Because FICO is now attaching your EMAIL address to your CREDIT REPORT and tracking where it appears on your ONLINE ORDERS.. Please get a FREE secure email address at ProtonMail and use it for all your banking and other "important" email and NEVER USE IT for anything else (this is KEY):

ProtonMail is founded by scientists from European Organization for Nuclear Research, or Cern. It has become widely known in the US since its appearance on popular USA network drama Mr Robot.

Although, it was attacked recently, it held up and all user information was safe and sound!

#2 Get your PRIVATE conversations OFF FB, Instagram, DMs, Twitter and email by using a service like Telegram app or WIRE app:

Here's a link to Telegram:

By the way, Telegram is offering a $300,000 payout to anyone that proves they can be hacked.. So, if you're the man, have at it.

I prefer Wire mostly because of the ability to VIDEO record or video chat and the awesome voice-changer built into the mobile version!

Here's the link for Wire:

Drop me your username after you have signed up and we will keep in, even better, touch.

How 'bout that?

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