FINALLY Jaxx Blockchain Wallet - UPDATED TODAY 07/20/2017 for iOS

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What's New in Version 1.2.11

Added Iconomi
Added Golem
Added Gnosis
Added Digix

Soooo, I've been waiting for this update and I don't see anything related to the security 'scare' that seemed to be an issue. Although, it was said that the issue was "user based" and had nothing to do with the Jaxx Wallet. I thought they had agreed to make the PIN longer or something; however, I don't see it noted in the update, BUT, it could be something there..

Let me know if you find some difference in the security of the updated version and I will let you know if I notice anything going forward.

I really have an attachment to Jaxx for some reason. Hope it doesn't cost me dearly like most attachments DO.. :-)

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Jaxx Blockchain Interface & Wallet


  1. We never access or hold onto user funds.
  2. We offer a client-side security model, with private keys hosted locally and never sent to any servers.
  3. We are design-oriented, offering simple, attractive user interfaces and experiences.
  4. We use standards that ensure should we ever go down or cease to exist, your keys can be imported into another service.
  5. We remove friction points whenever possible.
  6. We never require users to input any personal information including email addresses.

With a focus on unifying the look and feel across devices and focusing on customer service, security, design, and user experience, our goal is to make the Jaxx Blockchain Interface & Wallet the default wallet of choice for the masses.


Single master seed backup (This will be the only seed you will ever need in the future for any coin we integrate)
Bitcoin - HD (Hierarchical Deterministic)
Ethereum - HD (Hierarchical Deterministic)
Augur REP
Litecoin - HD (Hierarchical Deterministic)
Ethereum Classic - HD (Hierarchical Deterministic)
Rootstock - HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) Based, single address displayed
Easily Switch between BTC, ETH, ETC, REP, LTC and RSK
Convert between BTC/ETH/ETC/REP/LTC with ShapeShift integration
Single Screen Operation - All wallet functions work on a single screen. No more flipping between send and receive * screens or trying to find your wallet address or QR code.
Menu animations deliver stellar UI / UX
Native camera scanning
Pair Across Devices - Easily sync across devices (Mobile, Desktop, Extension) by scanning a pairing token or inputting seed
Switch between fiat and BTC/ETH/ETC/REP/LTC/RSK
Spendable balance display
Max Send feature
Generate custom amount QR code
Single code base across all devices - ensures rapid integration of new features across all versions and devices with minimal individual customization
PIN feature for additional security.
Customizable settings for all currencies with visibility preferences
Transferring funds from paper wallets, including encrypted paper wallets.
Support for Ethereum contracts, custom data and gas limits.
Private Keys display.
Bitcoin Mining Fee selection in Settings.

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You forgot a groundbreaking feature: super high fees! ;)

Good Post!
Thanks for sharing.

Any news about the recent security problems?


From what I read, the security problem was that the person didn't use a PIN on their Jaxx wallet to hinder any transactions if someone got control of their phone or computer. I don't know that they can fix that.