Auxilium Roadmap: AUX jumps +150% in anticipation of IEO's, New Token and Use Cases

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Like promised in our previous publication we hereby publish a short term roadmap for the AUX cryptocurrency coin and the AUXL token. Yes, the AUXL token is new! Keep reading…

Before we dive in
We’re (also) pleased to mention we’re now published on CoinMarketCap Signal:

Don’t forget to also read our two previous articles, if you haven’t done so yet:

  1. AUX IEO:
  2. AUX Investment Fund:

A bit much to take in?
We understand the amount of updates might be a bit overwhelming, possibly making it a be much to take in. Therefore next week Anton Donker, our co-founder and CEO, will upload a video on our youtube channel explaining everything in summary. Once published we’ll share it with you on our regular social channels.

About AUXL, a brief intro
AUXL will become the first token on the Auxilium blockchain. AUXL and AUX will power the Auxilium Loyalty Platform (enables earning) which will interact with a Marketplace (enables buying and advertising) and Charity (enables sharing/donating) area. More on the AUXL token, interaction with the AUX coin and platforms, will be published on the 1st of August 2020. Make sure to keep an eye on our updates!

Huge advantages AUX holders
Like you can see in the roadmap there are a lot of amazing events on the horizon. A lot of amazing events on the horizon that positively affect the AUX holder. Like for instance the FREE gift of the AUXL token (that will go into IEO later this year) to reward you for your loyalty, and the pre-registration opportunity for the Palladium membership on the Auxilium Loyalty Platform (making you able to earn AUXL faster)!

Not an AUX holder yet, or want to add more to your portfolio?
Buy AUX:


That’s it for now. Don’t forget to share our social media posts!
#AUX #Auxilium $AUX all the way! ;-)

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