Kracken Gets Sued Over Flash Crash! Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin Updates. Steemit password fix

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Hey Friends,

I just got back from a long fishing vacation to Wyoming for the 4th of July weekend! Thank you for everyone who joined me live on my Youtube stream. there were a ton of great questions asked. I am now back to work on bringing you and everyone who follows me on all social media outlets the best daily crypto world news that I can.

Today in the crypto world news, I found the following:

Ethereum Traders are suing Kracken over a Flash crash that was unassociated with the coinbase flash crash and was casued by a DDOS (denial of service) hack that caused at least 5 traders to have lost $600k.

Bithumb- the largest South Korean Crypto exchange was hacked and many investors lost a lot of value from their accounts. see my previous Steemit post.

Chart updates on the following:

Bitcoin- still in a consolidating Triangle pattern, will problem remain here until August 1st is behind us. then expect a $1000-1500 move.

Ethereum- Struggling to hold any pops, looks like we are in a slightly bearish trend to find support.

Litecoin- Looks to be the strongest chart of the big cryptos, breaking to all time highs and holding these levels to potentially continue to break more highs in the near future. I think this has something to do with people diversifying themselves from bitoin and Ethereum.

Last but not least! I have figured out a way for those locked out of creating an account through Steemit because of password issues, email/ phone already used problem. message me for details and I can help.

Thanks for reading and watching my video below for this information in detail. Cheers

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Good write up @austinsandersco keep BOOMIN over here!


@champagnecrypto thanks fellow youtuber ! stream together, steem together! Haha let's collaborate sometime! Hopefully I start to catch the eyes of some of your whale friends @trevonjb @craig-rant

Informative updates per usual, thanks for the post!

Great article.
Kraken is janky, I spent a week trying to get verified for them to finally tell me that you can not use kraken in NY. So I say screw kraken and NY state. I actually posted a mini rant about it.

It's a lot of money. I will follow you because I find this kind of news very interesting (because I am passionate about crypto and tech). Thank you

I heard from television, Bithumb said that only customer info was stolen but many people said that their account were hacked.

This was useful thanks for updating.

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Glad to see you found your austinangler hat mom

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