Bitcoin Split-Be Prepared

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

It looks like Bitcoin will be splitting into two coins. We all need to be prepared exchanges are preparing and users need to be ready as well. Everyone who isn't prepared might lose money and nobody should be losing money because we are all a tight knit community that ultimately wants the best for cryptocurrencies. In the video is a link to how coinbase and gdax is going to handle the split

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oh no! Something else for me to learn! Lol im only just starting to understand cryptocurrencies, so I will be interested i what happens with the split. thank you for your post. resteemed!

Thank you very much for the Resteem :) bicoin is the largest cryptocurrency so it's a pretty big deal

Thanks for the info!

Nice post, it will be interesting to see the evolution of both currencies. the ETH's hard fork didn't impact too much its price. I upvoted your post ;)

If you are lending/margin trading, I suggest you stop before the Aug 1st.

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Can you really see a split happening though? The carnage and most importantly loss of trust this would cause in main street could be CATASTROPHIC.

This is why we've seen the drop we have seen in crypto prices. The market is pricing in this risk. But also notice that it hasn't been a firesale? This is just healthy pre-event pricing in of risk. If you can identify where the biggest mismatch with reality occurs, then you will make lots of money trading it once things settle down.

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