Bitcoin has Forked Before!

in bitcoin •  2 years ago

Segwit and segwit 2x have minor issues and the hard fork solution is actually an even bigger problem. Did you know that bitcoin has hard forked before to increase transaction size? Segwit will most likely happen and there is a very slim chance that it hard forks on august 1st. If it does hard fork then bitcoin will likely have some sort of price drop temporarily. Segwit will be activated and then bitcoin will be evolved. After Segwit we will have the lightning network to talk about. Now was this satoshi's original idea? maybe not. The new developers on the bitcoin core team have dedicated a lot of time towards segwit. They believe that is the next coding that bitcoin needs to address scalability. Bip 91, 141 really need to successfully go forward in my opinion!

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I am with Bip 91.

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