Bitcoin Cash IS CrashCoin! Buy Ethereum

in bitcoin •  last year

Hey friends and everyone else out there,

I definitely saw this Bitcoin crash happening oh I meant cash! Haha the real Bitcoin looks like it's staying strong and if you're even able to get your Bitcoin cash and sell it on an exchange then I definitely would say to do it sooner than later.

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Have you been able to sell yours? I'm having a hard time finding an exchange that will accept deposits of BCC/BCH...


Nobody is allowing us to sell or transfer! That's what is tanking the price. Only those on bittrex and kraken made out


Kraken won't let me use their site because I live in NY and Bittrex has their wallet under maintenance. Looks like I'm stuck holding for now.

Agreed. Nice little side money and thats it.


If we are able to sell


I left my money in altcoins so i don't have any.

it will be like ethereum classic, in the shadow of bitcoin itself


Or less. I hope it gets crushed down to $5-10

Thanks! this was very informative, subbed to your channel!

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totally right it crashed badly today :(

Yes...I'm 100% agree with you my dear friend @austinsandersco
And I really like invest in etheruem classic...
I think it is sadow the BTC..
Thank you so much sharing your valuble ideas with us..
Keep it up post..

Im working with bitcoin since 1 year, and I never trust other criptycurrence, bitcoin grow up everyday, don't loose ur time with other criptycurrence guys