Bitcoin Breaks All time highs!! PILLAR and Vibehub

in bitcoin •  2 years ago

Hey friends and family,

Here's my video on Bitcoin right before it broke All time highs. Also Pillar gets listed on an exchange and my new favorite ICO is VIBEHUB

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BTC is now above $3100 🎆🎉👍
Good thing i did not buy any Bitcoin Cash. Now it is falling below $250👎

I expect it to be lower than LTC soon which in my opinion is a better coin than Bitcoin cash

Also coins I bought this July went up also 😁

I bought Neo at around $7 now it is above $10
TENX was below a dollar, now its above $1.50
Waiting for STEEM to shoot up


Me too! I knew these altcoins would be a Great buy!!


I see that you're in Denver Colorado. Would you be interested in meeting for coffee and shown you how to set up the bitcoin wallet?

That's good to see hope it attain a new records of ATH

nice huh ! got alot of gollem hope the altcoins will skyrocket aswell!

Great to see there's other people in Denver on the social media platform. Maybe we could meet for coffee and you can show me how to sign up for a bitcoin wallet. Thanks

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wow! I bet all the bitcoin haters are fuming! lol

Nice Denver Broncos Super Bowl 50 hat. I see that you haven't taken off your sticker yet on the inside of your brim. My wife made me take mine off. Go Broncos


Everyone tries to take mine off too. I already have a bunch of Bitcoin wallets. Or are you saying you need help?


Yes, I have been trying to find someone here in Denver to help me set up a wallet.